Saturday, February 28, 2009

Playing at the New Park

Auntie and I took Fischer to the new park in's amazing! It's huge and has 3 different levels of activities all throughout, plus some things set up for handicapped/wheelchair children's access (which also means little ones like Fischer!). We had so much fun. Here's some pictures, plus a couple of others from the past week:

Fischer & Auntie playing drums at the music station:

Two-seater see-saw:

Mommy, what is that and why is he looking at me?

Big boy sliding by himself!

Running through the tunnels:

Why won't she share her book with me?


We finished the evening at Auntie's with dinner and a cookie!

Ravioli face...yum!

I checked on Fischer one morning and found him watching cartoons in his wagon!

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