Thursday, February 5, 2009

He's Growing Up!

Fischer seems to turn into more of a little boy and less of a baby everyday. As a mom, it's sad, but very exciting too! He's turning into a regular comedian, and he loves to play "tackle" with daddy - he runs by his daddy and Dustin tackles him. He's trying to talk, but is very frustrated that we can't understand him. Here are some pictures and videos of all he's been up to lately. (FYI - he's not a pacifier junkie...but we make him keep it in when outside or he eats handfuls of dirt!)

Fischer likes to "help" daddy when he's wood-working!

He also likes to share daddy's blueberry muffins!

We were "investigating" nature - sticks, rocks, acorns, leaves...he sat for about 20 minutes just looking and touching everything! (that's a long time for a baby)

I have a workbench just like daddy! (see his little tool belt?)

Look at those big blue eyes!
Bouncing with Tigger!
Sneezing like mommy!

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