Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving - Texas Style

We spent Thanksgiving in Wichita Falls with Dustin's family. We had a great time that week catching up with everyone and showing off all that Fischer could do. Here's some pics from the week:

My first Thanksgiving!

Everyone gathered around the table - Grandma, Grandpa, Solomon, Patrick, daddy, the back of my head, and mommy's taking the picture.

Basketball is fun!

And tiring too - time for a break!

My first Christmas present!

It's a horsey - thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

As usual, the box is more fun!!

Thank you Great - MawMaw and PawPaw for my bear - I love how his tummy lights up when he sings! (Fischer's a techy like his daddy)

4 generations of Henry men: Grandpa Jack, Uncle Patrick, Daddy, me, and Great-PawPaw (Grandpa Jack's dad).

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