Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Fischer turned 1 on Sunday, Dec. 21st! We had his birthday party on Saturday, the 20th. It was a puppy party! Since the weather is so nice here in Florida right now, we had it outside in Nana and Papa's front yard. Fischer didn't fuss one single time...he just wanted to play and eat! Here are some pictures from the day (videos are at the end):

Fischer had to try out his new slide from Nana and Papa before the big day!

We had a pool of balls - it was the big hit of the day!

Everyone enjoying their lunch.

Group photo! Eva is in the stroller, Audrey & Robby in the fort, Nolan on the slide, Annabelle and Fischer on the ground (look at Annabelle posing!!).

Opening presents! Fischer never left the presents while we opened them...he wouldn't tear the paper, but he wanted to hold every toy that was opened!

Cake and cookies (I made the cookies! Publix made the cake)

Another group shot! From left: Nolan, Fischer, Audrey, Robby, Annabelle

Eva wearing her party hat! (she missed the second group shot)

Testing the cake.

That's pretty tasty!!

Family photo in the aftermath!

What a mess! But it was yummy and I had a great party!
Here's Fischer's cake video...I had to cut it a little short so it would go on the blog easier, but you can still see what fun he had!

This video is noisy, but if you listen closely, you can hear Fischer saying "oooo" about his presents!

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