Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Official - He's a Chipmunk!

Last Tuesday, at Fischer's 9 month checkup (21 lbs, 14 oz, 29 in), the doctor told me to let Fischer eat whatever he wants that we're eating, except for the allergen causing foods (honey, milk, nuts). I told the doctor that he doesn't like chewing, thinking he just needs more time, but the dr. said "practice makes perfect." So I came home determined to get Fischer to eat finger foods. First, I finely chopped some nectarine, thinking this is soft and easy to chew. Fischer kept taking pieces from me as if he loved them. About 5 min. later, out popped a piece...a few min. later, another piece. I thought that was all, so I changed his diaper and took him into the kitchen for his dinner. When I went to feed him (it's been 15 minutes now), I found the rest of the pieces tucked in his cheek! He was sucking on them, but would not eat them! That evening, I tried some cooked carrots...just 2 pieces this time. He acted like he ate them, then ate his baby food like normal. 20 minutes later he and Dustin were playing when he fell and started crying...I found both pieces still in his mouth! He tucked them in his cheek to eat his baby food, and was laughing and babbling like normal during play! So I've determined that he is a chipmunk, not a baby :)

Playing with daddy after work!

He sits like a little boy to play now - always on his knees!

Lazy Saturday afternoons

Sunday lunch at Nana's house with Auntie Kala (and a cute puppy on his overalls)!

This is how he watches Baby Einstein - totally engrossed!

I'm cute and I know it!

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