Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9 months old!!!

I can't believe Fischer is 9 months old (Sunday)!! I am finally getting the videos posted that I promised. Several weeks ago Fischer got sick, then me, then Dustin, then my mom (who was helping us while we were sick)! It was the never-ending cold...each of us was sick for about a week, and with them overlapping, it felt like forever! I am grateful we made it this far without Fischer being sick...can you believe we made it 8 1/2 months without so much as a fever? He has 6 teeth now and loves to crawl, stand up, furniture surf, and climb. I'll get his height and weight on Tuesday at his checkup. For now, here are some videos and pictures from the past month:

Fischer liked jumping on the trampoline with Grandpa and Uncle Solomon in Texas.

Fischer's first try at picking up his puffs (This is Mrs. Edwards, Nana's friend).

The Great Escape!
Mommy's little monkey boy (always climbing).
Fischer's first fever (with tooth #4) :(

Papa put my name on my wagon with his wood burning tool!

Zeke, you're always in the way, but we love you :)

Finally Fischer will hold his own bottle! For months now he was able to, but just wouldn't do it! I still hold him in my lap at bottle time, but I had to get this picture...isn't he cute in his jammies?

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