Monday, October 17, 2011

July Part 1

Most of the pictures taken in July were at the beach with my sister's will take me a while to sort through all those, so you may see other updates mixed in with beach pictures. However, I did have a few on my camera, plus a few from the rest of July, so here they are:

Happy Independence Day! His shirt says, "I'm A Lil' Firecracker!"

Ready for clown day at preschool! (he went to preschool for 3 days in Florida with my mother)

We can hardly get him to give us kisses, but he very willingly kisses the Cat in the Hat!


And now for some beach pictures:

Can't beat this view for lunchtime!

Yum...that was good!

Owen had his own little pool by the beach under the umbrella so he could enjoy the water and sand without getting burned.

He loved to go out into the water with Auntie!

Almost every time she took him out into the water, the rolling waves put him to sleep!

Heaven must look something like this...

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