Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Florida Part 4 - Miscellaneous Pictures

I'm finally posting the last of the pictures from our trip to Florida in March...I'm a little behind again! So, here's the rest:

Owen LOVED watching sports with Papa.

Visiting with Great-Granny.

Reading a brand new book with Auntie.

Eating "strinkles"...not on anything, just a pile of sprinkles :)

Trying mommy's birthday fondue!

Cute little bathing boy!

First time in a Bumbo! Yes, we know it's pink...we had to borrow it from a little girl :)

At Great-Granny's house...she always has a box of toys for Fischer to play with...he even knows where she keeps it and goes straight to it every time we visit!

I love Auntie!

Nap time :)

Papa and Owen.

Coke boxes make great car tunnels!

Auntie and the boys!

Check out his shirt :)

We love Nana!

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