Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Colorado Springs Part 1

Dustin was sent to Colorado Springs the second week of March for business...this time, Fischer, Owen and I tagged along. During the week I took the boys to little places to play, like Focus on the Family and the play area inside the mall. Then we stayed Friday and Saturday to have some fun with daddy too (those pics to come later). Here's the first set of pictures:

Playing in the "Adventures In Odyssey" kids stuff in the basement at Focus on the Family.

Silly Fischer...he doesn't know he's in a girl's spot :)

This is the best shot I got of Fischer at the airplane...with another boy picking his nose in front...Fischer wouldn't cooperate for this pic :)

His favorite thing to do while daddy was at work or feeling sick was to play in the HUGE play area at the mall...

...and to ride the Kiddie Coaster.

The view of Pike's Peak from our hotel parking lot (but not our room, we faced the pool).

Playing in the sand pit at Mr. Bigg's Family Fun Center.

Owen saying, "Don't take my picture!"

Shooting foam balls from the Pirate Ship.

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