Tuesday, August 24, 2010

End of Summer Fun

Last Friday we went to a surprise party for Tabitha at a local Mexican restaurant.


Yummy birthday cake!

That Saturday we went out to Tabitha's parents house for a pool party. Fischer had lots of fun riding the John Deere (daddy had to stay close to steer for him, but their yard is big with nothing to run into).

Ignore the screams in this video...it's just kids playing in the pool behind me and has nothing to do with Fischer on the John Deere.

Playing at the mall on a day too hot to go outside (which has been many lately). This is Fischer's favorite car, so I always bring some quarters for him to ride. However, he never steers, he only sits with his arm around the puppy!

Showing off his mad dance skills in the arcade at the mall (to the music of a game).

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The Thomas' said...

Cute! Love the picture of him with the dog :) And Abby's a crazy driver on her "Deere" too! Hopefully she'll get a little better :)