Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some More Random Stuff

Here's some stuff that went on recently before the big move:

Fischer's first gummy worm! (He just sucked on it until he was covered in sticky goo)

Sharing grapes with Charlotte at the park.

Rolling up playdough balls...

Then squishing them!

Long before Fischer was even a thought in our heads, I took a trip to East Asia with my sister...the toddlers there were wearing these little sandals that squeaked like a toy when they walked...I'd never seen them before, so I had to buy a pair! Four years later, Fischer is enjoying the benefit of my forward-thinking:

Once again, here's the difference between girls and boys...Charlotte is playing so sweetly in the pumpkin patch, then you'll see what Fischer is doing for his entertainment at the end:

Papa and Fischer were playing t-ball in the yard...before this video, Papa was tossing the ball up and hitting it with the bat instead of using the's Fischer attempt to copy him:

This little infant toy was Fischer's favorite as a that he's bigger, he is trying to make all the sounds it makes:

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