Monday, June 15, 2009

Madelyn's 1st Birthday Party

Saturday we went to Madelyn's 1st birthday party. It was a pool/sprinkler party, and Fischer had the time of his life! Here's some pictures and videos from the day (and yes, this is how nursery is at our church's just Fischer and the girls!)

Sprinkler time!

This is Charlotte...what a precious smile!

Here's Annabelle with her ball and balloon!

The birthday girl!

So much fun opening presents :)

But more fun playing with them!

First, Fischer pushed Charlotte in the car...

Then Charlotte pushed Fischer in the car...

Finally Mady went for a was her present after all!!

She ate her cake like a dainty little princess, which suprised us all b/c she's more of a tomboy! (Annabelle got a taste here too!)

Finally, a relaxing tooth-brushing after a busy day!
Sprinkler Fun! - He ran like a wild boy the whole time we were there.
More sprinkler fun...with Charolotte!
And once again, proof that Fischer loves the pool despite his swimming lessons:


Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting these! We had fun and are looking forward to playing again tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

Just showed these to Charlotte. As soon as I opened the page she screamed, "Fisher!!" Then laughed until she almost fell off my lap at the video of her and Fisher running around!