Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Again I've waited too long to update, so I have tons of pictures...videos to come soon. Hope you enjoy!

Fischer is now dipping his own waffle into his fruit.

Easter egg hunt with Auntie's 5th grade class:

Lunch at daddy's work with baby Eva:
That's Eva's daddy holding Fischer.

There's nothing as much fun as mud!

Fischer, how did Zeke get a small, yogurt handprint on his back?

Happy Easter!

Coming home from Nana's for a nap after so much fun!

Lunch and play at Leo's house:

Ready for our walk!

Fischer still won't stand still for a photo together!

I think we're gonna have to get a train table!

Snuggling with puppy for a nap:

This is what we saw at Mr. Tommy's house on our walk this morning!

Fischer wanted to run up and touch it.

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Kyle and Lindsey Marten said...

We didnt know you guys had a blog... Fischer is so cute! We hope to meet him sometime soon! Arent you guys moving to Wichita Falls sometime in the near future? Let us know next time you guys are in Texas, Kyle would love to see Dustin!