Monday, December 17, 2007

Last Belly Picture!!

Here I am at 9 months...I look like I'm hiding a basketball! I can't believe it's all about to be over. My due date is Wednesday the 19th, but we are just waiting to see when he chooses to arrive! The doctor still says everything looks great - the baby's heartbeat, his size, my blood pressure, everything! We have been very blessed to have no major problems during the pregnancy. The next time you hear from Dustin or me should be with news of his arrival (and his name for all of you who have been waiting)! Please keep us in your prayers as we head into the biggest change of our lives :)

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Hoodlums said...

We are so excited for you guys. It seems impossible to think that Baby Henry will be here within a day or two. You both have to be very ready.

Will be praying for you and looking forward to an official announcement, espeically his name.

The Hoods (Tim & Janet)